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Our Flag Means Death's Vico Ortiz, Samba Shutte, and Kristian Nairn talk about what's coming in season 2

Though they didn't go too deep into specifics, Kristian Nairn, Samba Schutte and Vico Ortiz brought up what they'd like to see for their characters and tease a "father/kid moment."

Our Flag Means Death cast
Image credit: James Colleta (ReedPop)

Our Flag Means Death took over the Main Stage for an unforgettable panel at C2E2 2023. Kristian Nairn, Samba Schutte, and Vico Ortiz joined Popverse’s Veronica Valencia to share behind the scenes stories, a few laughs, and a season two teaser fakeout. Though we didn’t actually see any footage (Schutte only brought it up as an April Fool’s day prank), there was a moment in the interview during which each cast member got to share hints of what’s in store for their characters in season two.

The conversation began when a fan asked the cast about what futures they had envisioned for their characters. Nairn pointsd out quickly that the question got into “dangerous” territory, “because when people ask what you would like to happen, you have to be careful not to weave it with the truth that is in our head, because we know what is going to happen.” He then gave the floor to Ortiz.

And though they avoided specific spoilers, Ortiz does that there would be a “father/kid moment” for their character, Jim, and Con O'Neill’s Izzy. “Jim lost their father early on,” says the actor, “and I think there is a certain relationship there [...] We're both very difficult with expressions of emotion, but that's the same thing that leads us to be connected in one way. Even if we're not speaking to one another, we sort of get each other. Our way of connecting is through sharp objects. And there's a mutual sense of respect there.”

Schutte took the relationship idea and rolled with it, telling fans he’d consider it interesting if his character, Roach, and Nat Faxon’s The Swede had more time together. “[The Swede] is always hurt; like in the pilot there were a few deleted scenes where the Swede gets stabbed and Roach is cooking as he's treating him [...] If you see us in the background, we're usually sleeping in the same position on the pillowcases or collecting coconuts or whatnot.”

Nairn closed the question with a different tack, choosing to share something just about his character. “Wee John is not your typical big guy," he says. “Just like myself. I think he would like to explore his creativity. I think he is quite a creative soul and I think I would like to see him expand his talents and skills in certain ways...” Here Nairn stopped to make a nervous face, as though he was getting close to revealing too much.

”Good job Kristian,” Schutte reassures him. “That was very smooth.”

You can watch the Our Flag Means Death panel from C2E2 here. For more coverage of the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2023, head to Popverse’s C2E2 Roundup.

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