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Peter David needs your help

Friends of the writer of The Incredible Hulk and X-Factor are asking fans to contribute to his medical costs in the wake of a series of strokes

Peter David
Image credit: Luigi Novi

Comic book writer and novelist Peter David has suffered a series of strokes as well as a mild heart attack, and is looking to fans for help with increasing medical bills, according to the GoFundMe page set up by David’s friends.

Peter David is known for his work on Marvel’s X-Factor and Incredible Hulk series, as well as a number of Star Trek novels, and this recent bout of health problems is following a series of previous ones. “He’s had some compounded health problems, and the bills are piling up,” organizer Graham Murphy explains on the page. “As we wish him a swift recovery, and send our love and support to his wife Kathleen and his family, let’s also pitch in and help with their medical bills and living expenses.”

In a comment left on the page, Kathleen David updated donors on the current situation, writing, “This morning they put a heart monitor in his chest to keep an eye on what is going on with his heart. There are still a series of tests they need to do with his carotid arteries before we know the next step. On the good side, the stroke and the aftershocks were not as bad as ten years ago. He working hard on his physical therapy and is bouncing back much better this time around. If he keeps it up then he is home. He is still the wisecracking storyteller he has always been. He wanted me to tell you that he appreciates all your kind wishes and support. It means the world to him. More news as I get it.”

David had previously had a stroke while on vacation in 2012, leading to an extensive recovery that included his family and friends advising fans on how best to support him during the process. As Kathleen David wrote, while the current strokes have been milder than the 2012 event, added on top of a heart attack and kidney failure, it’s clear that David’s recovery process will be extensive and expensive.

Although David’s writing output has slowed in recent years, he’s remained a constant on the stands through a series of miniseries from Marvel in recent years, including Symbiote Spider-Man, Maestro: World War M, New Fantastic Four, and the recently-completed Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel. Last month, a prose anthology about fandom and conventions edited by David was launched on Kickstarter.

The GoFundMe campaign is looking to raise $40,000 towards David’s costs; as of writing, it’s currently brought in more than $7,000. Find out more, and contribute, here.

Graeme McMillan

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