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Follow along as Netflix brings Pokémon Concierge, PLUTO, the live-action One Piece, as well as Zom 100 to Anime Expo 2023

The live-action One Piece and more is coming to Netflix... and Anime Expo

What's next for Netflix? Anime, and more projects from Japan. The global streaming platform is coming to Los Angeles' Anime Expo 2023 to talk about its upcoming anime and live-action adaptations of anime from Japan with a panel titled 'From Japan to the World.' At this event, we can look forward to hearing (and possibly seeing) more from the upcoming movies okémon Concierge, PLUTO, as well as Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, as well as the highly-anticipated live-action One Piece.

Popverse's Tiffany Babb will be reporting live from the Netflix panel, giving you a direct play-by-play on all the major announcements and behind-the-scenes information on the these projects (and more).

The Netflix ‘From Japan to the World’ presentation panel at the Los Angeles Convention Center is scheduled to begin Saturday, July 1 at 6:15pm EST / 3:15pm PST, so come back then to follow along live for Popverse's coverage of the event, or come back later to re-read everything that we covered.

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Our live coverage of this event has finished.

And a very good afternoon to everyone! Popverse is currently in a wonderful seat (front and center) in the Main Events hall waiting for the Netflix ‘From Japan to the World’ presentation panel to begin.
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While we were waiting for this panel to start, we caught a bit of the Studio Trigger panel. That Delicious in Dungeon show looks pretty good...
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Looks like we may be starting a bit late, as people are still streaming in to seats and the stage remains guest-less. Hopefully, it won't be too long!
What Netflix project are you most excited to hear about? (Comment below)
Alright, we're starting with a teaser trailer for a bunch of upcoming Netflix projects including Pokemon Concierge and the live action One Piece!
Our moderator Ian Boggs has come on stage to kick off the panel and is shouting out some recent Netflix anime (as well as live action adapations of anime) projects.
Our first guess is actress Non from Japan. And she'll be playing the main character Haru in the upcoming POkemon Concierge!
Haru has just arrived to work at a resort that caters to Pokemon, and the series will be about Haru growing into her role.
We're seeing some behind the scenes footage of the stop motion animation of the series. We see all of Haru's facial expressions in a box. We see lots of tiny luggage, and yes, Pokemon.
And Psyduck is on the stage!
Non shares that she watched the Pokemon anime while growing up and that she is excited to play the role of Haru.
We're seeing a bit of stop motion footage featuring Haru at a concierge desk alongside a stop motion Psyduck.
Non shares that she visited the set of Pokémon Concierge and saw that it took an entire day for the studio to make a four second clip. The magic of stop motion!
Non is talking about how exciting it is to deliver this anime to fans from all around the world. "I'm really honored to be part of this project."
Non leaves the stage to many cheers.
Masao Maruyama has come to the stage to talk about Pluto (he is also wearing a Pluto shirt)
"I joined the Japanese animation industry when there wasn't a word called 'anime'" Maruyama says about his long career. "Ever since, it's been sixty years since I've been working in this animation industry in Japan." Maruyama says he is pleased to showcase the culmination of his sixty years.
We're watching some footage from Pluto now. Looks like a first trailer featuring some of the same footage from the first look clip published earlier but with more context and dialogue.
The trailer features an inspector hunting down a killer of humans and robots. The trailer asks, "What awaits at the end of evolution?"
Pluto will hit Netflix on October 26.
Maruyama shares that Pluto will be eight episodes at sixty minutes each. This will be the entire story, an ultimate adaptation.
Maruyama says that Urasawa's design of Atom/Astro Boy was "more human."
To learn more about what we know about the upcoming adaptation of Pluto, check out our guide.
Maruyama says that the biggest challenge of adapting the manga into anime was the length of the show, how many details they wanted to include and recreate for the anime. "It was very difficult but it was very worthy for us to work on."
Maruyama says that Urasawa himself says that he suffered a lot while working on the original manga, and that he said it would be fitting for the anime team to also suffer. Maruyama adds that, "I am a masochist, so I was very happy to suffer." Though he also says that he did have fun too. Especially avoiding the short time restrictions that regular television length would have.
As for what he wants people to take away from Pluto, Maruyama says "we need world peace."
Maruyama is leaving the stage.
Beastars final season is coming to Netflix in 2024.
Now we're seeing some of a live action project featuring zombies. "Maybe I don't have to go to work anymore" the main character says while a gaggle of zombies chase him.
Zom 100 is coming to Netflix on August 2
Zom 100 follows a worker who is excited about the zombie apocalypse because his job is just so darn miserable.
Zom 100 original creator sent a letter to be read, and it encourages everyone to check all the things off your bucket list before you become a zombie.
"My dream in my life was that I wanted to be chased by zombies. So my dream came true," actor Eiji Akaso (who plays the lead in ZOM 100) says.
Akaso says that his big challenge on the show was always being out of breath from being chased by zombies all the time.
Akaso says the show is "uplifting and heartlifting." And adds that "After seeing [Zom 100] you might want to quit your job."
Now we have a special message from the cast of One Piece (coming to Netflix August). We're watchign a video of Iñaki Godoy meeting original voice actor of Luffy, Mayumi Tanaka.
Mayumi Tanaka is recording the Japanese dub of the live action film! Very sweet. Both Luffy actors hug, and Tanaka says "He's young enough to be my grandson."
Much of the cast will be returning for the Japanese dub of the film!
And that's a wrap for us. Thanks so much for following along with us. Check out what else we're checking out this weekend.