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Pokemon Go fans catch 'em all at the Pasadena Rose Bowl

Popverse took a field trip to the Pasadena Rose Bowl this weekend to catch some Pokemon

Photograph of Piplup in front of step and repeat
Image credit: Popverse

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On February 17 and 18, tens of thousands of Pokemon Go fans descended on the Pasadena Rose Bowl - not to watch a college football game, but to instead gather with friends, join raids, and catch shiny Pokemon.

For the weekend, the Pasadena Rose Bowl and the nearby golf course was decorated with habitats, blow up Pokemon, team flags, and featured photo ops with popular Pokemon including Pikachu, Eevee, and Piplup. But, of course, the major draw was all digital, in the game itself, as event ticket buyers took advantage of the opportunity to take part in exclusive Special Research, trade Pokemon, and join raids in attempt to catch a shiny version of the new debuting Pokemon Dialga and Palkia.

Team Popverse was lucky enough to make its own way to the Rose Bowl to take part in the festivities and catch some shinies (including a shiny Spiritomb and a shiny Palkia, if you must know) and chat with some Pokemon Go fans about their goals for the day. Watch the video below to get a glimpse at what the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour Los Angeles stop looked like and listen to our chats with some trainers on a mission to catch shiny Pokemon.

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Complimentary entry tickets for Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour were provided to Popverse by Pokemon Go.

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