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Pokémon Horizons has a new opening theme and it's wonderfully uplifting

A new chapter in the anime's long journey begins, and it sounds great

Liko running with Pokemon
Image credit: The Pokemon Company

There have been a lot of changes to the world of Pokémon over the past year. Ash has finally stepped away from the spotlight and allowed Liko and Roy to start their own journey to collect them all in Pokémon Horizons. That journey will continue on 26 October with a new story arc and a brand-new opening theme song that will help inspire the young protagonists to become Pokémon Masters.

The new song will be unveiled in full ahead of the new story arc next week, but you can hear it in the background of the video posted on the official Pokémon anime Twitter account. The song playing is Hello by a team-up of yama and BotchiBoromaru and it certainly gives the sense that we’re heading out on a magical, new adventure with Liko and Roy. We’ve only heard snippets of the track so far but it already feels suitably uplifting for a Pokémon opening.

The new story arc is called The Brilliance of Terapagos, which will see the two main characters trying to help fulfill the dreams of the small, reptilian Pokémon. Pokémon Horizons debuted earlier this year as a new chapter in the anime, which has been a fixture in the lives of fans around the world for 26 seasons already. In addition to the new protagonists, Pokémon Horizons shifts focus to the Paldea region that was introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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