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Poll: What 2024 Marvel movies & TV shows are you looking forward to most?

It's a new year - which means new Marvel movies and TV too

Kraven the Hunter
Image credit: Sony Pictures

We're now firmly in 2024, if you can believe it or not, and that means a whole new year of Marvel projects ahead of us on both big and small screens. We're not just talking about everything set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe either, although it's worth noting that some previously non-MCU projects like Deadpool are making the cross over into the MCU this year - we're talking Sony's Spider-Man-related projects, too.

Disney+'s Echo has already launched (here's a guide on how to watch it), but there's a whole lot more coming throughout the rest of the year. We've even created a guide to help you through the onslaught of content that awaits, in case you need one. (That's "onslaught" with a lower-case "o," just in case you thought there was an X-Men-related announcement you had missed at some point... although, with X-Men '97 in the wings, who can say for sure at this point?)

So whether you're Madame Web's greatest fan or just really really looking forward to watching what the heck is going on with Kraven the Hunter, we want to hear your opinion. What 2024 Marvel project are you looking forward to the most? Vote below and let us know - and, if you want to tell us about why you're voting how you vote, leave us a comment. We'd love to hear what you think.

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