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Poor Things: How and where to watch the Oscar-winning movie at home

Emma Stone's Bella Baxter is available from the comfort of your own living room, and here's how

Poor Things
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We raved about Yorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things when it was released last year, and we weren’t alone in being blown away by the movie — the adaptation of Alasdair Gray’s wild reimagining of the Frankenstein story won praise and plaudits from a number of critics, as well as a number of Academy Awards at this year’s Oscars. That said, it’s still a movie that flew under the radar on initial release, meaning a lot of people are looking to catch up with it now. Here’s how you can do that.

How to watch Poor Things at home

Poor Things is is currently available for purchase or for rent on platforms like Amazon, Apple TV, Youtube, and Vudu.

If you’d rather own the movie on physical disc, you can do so right here; the Blu-ray and DVD are officially released March 12.

Where can I stream Poor Things?

Poor Things was made by Searchlight Pictures, which means that it’s already available to stream for anyone who has a Hulu subscription, thanks to the familial connection. (Short version: Disney owns both Hulu and Searchlight, and the streamer has been the exclusive streaming home for Searchlight movies for awhile now. If you're looking for non-family fare from Fox, you should also be looking towards Hulu, word to the wise.)

Here’s a direct link to Poor Things on the service, which is described thusly by the service: “Brought back to life by an unorthodox scientist, a young woman runs off with a lawyer on a whirlwind adventure across the continents. Free from the prejudices of her times, she grows steadfast in her purpose to stand for equality and liberation.”

If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should — find out why it won Oscars for Emma Stone, as well as best costuming, make-up, and production design.

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