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Meet Popverse's new editor, Graeme McMillan

Wait, what? Graeme McMillan is becoming a bigger part of Popverse

Graeme McMIllan at MCM October 2023
Image credit: ReedPop

Popverse is nearing the two-year anniversary of its debut, and with it comes changes - and growth.

Popverse Staff Writer Graeme McMillan has been promoted to be Popverse's new Editor. Graeme steps up in this, Popverse's first promotion, with almost two decades of experience - from humble blog beginnings to writing for The Hollywood Reporter, Wired, Polygon, Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and most recently here at Popverse.

Graeme and I have already been talking about the present and future of Popverse, working with our staff, freelance writers and video producers, as well as our collaborators within the larger ReedPop structure and colleagues in other areas. The future may be unwritten, but it never hurts to have a good first draft.

Please give a round of applause for Graeme in the comments and on social media on this promotion, and to Popverse for entering this new chapter.