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Popverse Reader Survey: Tell us how much the ongoing cost of living increase has affected your entertainment habits

Everything is getting more expensive. So are movies, TV shows, comics, and conventions starting to take a backseat for you as you focus on other things? Let us know.

New York Comic Con 2021
Image credit: ReedPop

As your tour guides to the fantasical worlds of comics, movies, TV shows, and comic conventions, it's just as important for Popverse to write and say what we think as it is for us to listen to what others think- and we don't just mean interviews with celebs like Mariko Tamaki and David Tennant.

We want to hear from you.

With that in mind, we want to know whether or not the recent cost of living increases has affected the way you enjoy these bits of entertainment we all enjoy. You may notice when comics raises their cover price, or when your local cineplex hikes up the cost of a ticket (or that slushy drink you always get!). Given how much everything is starting to cost, we want to know how affected you are by the squeeze – it can't just be us considering those matinee movie times more than usual, can it?

So we've created a cost of living survey that we'd appreciate you filling out for us. The whole thing should only take between 5-10 minutes of your time, and it helps us get some more specific insight into the way the worlds of movie, TV shows, comics, and conventions (and its audience) is changing.

It may even help us create content that's more in-line with what you'd want from us in the future – articles dedicated to cheaper comics, money-saving tips when it comes to streaming services, or deeper dives into trends about what costs what (and why).

Whether you complete the survey or not (just pretend you're getting an 'Thumbs up' emoji right now), thanks for clicking through to this page, and thanks for being a Popverse reader. Your time means a lot to us, and we continue to strive to make this an engrossing place to learn about your favorite (and your next favorite) comics, movies, TV, and more.

You can fill out the full survey here.