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How you sign in to Popverse is changing ever so slightly

Popverse is growing, but ever changing. And how you log-in is changing

Image credit: ReedPop

The big part of Popverse's success has been its members, and as the site is growing it is also changing. For the past two years our members have signed into Popverse (and our sister sites over at the Gamer Network) under a system known as 'ReedPop ID.' But as the Gamer Network sites and brand are being spun off from ReedPop in a new direction, with it comes changes to the ReedPop ID system.

But don't worry, Popverse isn't going anywhere.

But in anticipation for our impending seperaton from GamerNetwork, the ReedPop ID system will be renamed 'Gamer Network ID' until the transition is complete.

What this means for you:

Your ReedPop ID account will now be a Gamer Network ID account, and all of your account details can now be managed at

Any paid subscriptions, email notifications, or newsletter subscriptions you may have will continue running as normal.

That's it. You don't have to do anything. You will still be able to login to your account at the top right of our webpage. And Popverse remains fully intertwined in ReedPop and all its comic con events - and maybe even a bit more in the near future.

We'll have more details in the coming months as Popverse continues to grow. I'm available in the comments section if you want to chat about anything.