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Our Flag Means Death star Rhys Darby would love to do more drama

Though Darby is best known for comedy, he'd love to jump on another dramatic project, he says

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Sometimes when you're known for one thing, it's easy to get put into a box. This topic came up at MCM Comic Con Rhys Darby, Vico Ortiz, and Samson Kayo spotlight panel, when Rhys Darby talked about what he's known for (comedy) and how he's sometimes offered auditions for material that isn't a right fit. The example he offered up was that he got an audition for HBO drama True Detective "which was never going to happen," he said laughing, "it would have been a different show."

But that doesn't mean that Darby isn't intersted in pursuing more dramatic roles. "I will say that I'd love to do more drama. It's just something I'm not used to doing, and it's something I've grabbed by the scruff of its neck and gone 'I'm gonna have a go at you.' It feels good. and I love what it does to people too."

Darby's Our Flag Means Death colleagues chimed in with their own experiences watching Darby's dramatic skills on set. Vico Ortiz said, "I was going to say, you have an incredible balance of comedy and drama... from the show that we cannot speak about." Samson Kayo added, "Just seeing Rhys honing in on those moments was like 'Holy shit.' It's really beautiful."

So casting directors should keep an eye out. Though Rhys Darby may be best known for his comedic chops, he's definitely ready to take on more drama.

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