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Rob Liefeld posts proof-of-concept trailer of long-rumored Bloodstrike movie

It is exactly as gruesome and edgy as you'd expect.

Bloodstrike character in front of explosion
Image credit: Image Comics

Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld has been teasing a potential Bloodstrike film for more than a decade but has given fans precious little to confirm its existence. This isn’t necessarily unusual – comic book films can languish in development for years before they ever see the light of day. The Liefeld-created team of superpowered assassins likely won’t see a theatrical release for several more years, but the comic book writer has released some test footage to help whet the appetite of fans.

Posted to Liefeld’s Instagram account, the shared footage is a proof of concept in the form of a teaser trailer, and it is exactly what you might expect a film based on a Rob Liefeld comic book to look like. There are blood, guts, and pouches aplenty, plus lots of gunfire and sword-fighting to contend with. The teaser features no dialogue or plot details, though it focuses heavily on Bloodstrike’s leader Cabbot Stone.

The Bloodstrike proof-of-concept trailer was directed by Phil Silvera, who was a stunt coordinator for both Deadpool films as well as Netflix’s Daredevil series. According to Liefeld, the two have been talking about creating a film based on the Bloodstrike comic books since meeting on the set of the first Deadpool movie. They “got serious” about the project during the pandemic, with Silvera turning over the trailer to help entice investors and producers to jump on board with the project.

Liefeld likely posted the footage during the first day of New York Comic Con in the hopes that the project could piggyback off of the increased press coverage of all things comic book. He is certainly no stranger to the comic convention scene, even if he sometimes misses his own panel. The fact that we’re talking about it right now is proof that the approach has some merit, but it will still probably be several years before we hear anything more concrete about the potential Bloodstrike film.

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