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Yo Adrian! Rocky 1-5 is leaving Netflix at the end of September

Catch Rocky before he leaves Netflix at the end of September

Still image of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky
Image credit: United Artists

Rocky Balboa once said “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life,” so we should probably take Rocky's advice to his son and rewatch the Rocky series (movies 1-5) one last time before it leaves Netflix at the end of September.

If you haven't seen the Rocky movies before, you're in for a treat. Well, a couple treats and some very bizarre movies that are very much a product of their times. The very first Rocky movie shot Sylvester Stallone (who wrote and starred in the movie) into stardom, and earned Academy Awards for Best Director, Best Film, and Best Film Editing. But Rocky's legacy didn't stop there. No, the lovable underdog found his place in cinema history as one of the best sports films of all time, garnering a hefty handful of sequels and even a more recent spinoff series starring Michael B. Jordan as Creed.

So as we're headed into the Fall season, it really is the perfect time to head to movie-Philadelphia and follow the improbable journey of Rocky Balboa's rising stardom in the world of boxing. There are no better movies to get you pumped up and ready to run up a flight of steps with your arms raised high above your head like you're the champion of the world.

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