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Ryan Ottley prepares for his next big thing - a new creator-owned project at Image

Ryan Ottley talks Invincible, Spider-Man, Hulk, and why AI will never defeat true comic book art.

Ryan Ottley at Florida Supercon
Image credit: Popverse

Ryan Ottley is ready for the next big thing. The legendary artist is best known for his 127-issue run on Invincible, where he helped design many iconic characters such as Battle Beast and Conquest. This was followed by a thrilling run on Amazing Spider-Man, where he worked alongside writer Nick Spencer to create the terrifying villain Kindred. Recently, Ottley concluded a run on Hulk where he scripted and penciled some cosmic adventures for Marvel’s jolly green giant.

What’s next for Ottley? A return to Invincible, or something even greater? We caught up with Ottley this summern, where the artist shared some of his plans. Ottley discussed the possibility of returning to Invincible, his thoughts on the upcoming second season, the rise of AI, and more. Let’s dive in…

Popverse: We just finished your Hulk run, which was crazy in the best way. It was like this whole psychic mindscape thing, but also a space opera. What inspired you to go there? And obviously, you had to take over writing duties after Donny Cates left. What was that like?

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