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Emerald Fennell's Saltburn is a thriller full of A-listers; here's who they are

The upcoming neo-Gothic thriller set near Oxford has the cinema world abuzz; but who will we see in it?

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"That's just given me goosebumps," says Rosmund Pike's character in the trailer for the upcoming neo-Gothic thriller Saltburn. Judging by the world's reaction, she's not the only one.

An official selection of both the Telluride and BFI London film festivals, Saltburn's tale of a lower class citizen getting involved in the machinations of an old-money dynasty has film fanatics and creators chomping at the bit. And the movie's not sporting a lot more than Rosamund Pike in its impressive credits list. The film is as steeped in A-listers as it is in drama and, most likely, death.

But just who are the other folks staying at the titular estate for a holiday they may or may not survive? We'll tell you more about the cast of Saltburn here.

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Who is in the Saltburn cast?

Since it's the story revolving around a wealthy (and likely evil) family, I thought to break down the cast by who's blood and who's just, well, bloody at the Saltburn estate. Let's begin with the...


  • Barry Keoghan plays Oliver Quick, a shy Oxford student duped into the Cattons' world
  • Carey Mulligan is "Poor Dear Pamela," a Catton family friend
  • Lolly Adefope is Lady Daphne, another wealthy Saltburn-attendee
  • Paul Rhys is Duncan, the Catton family butler
  • Ewan Mitchell is Michael Gavey, a mate of the younger Cattons

Now that we know who's outside the family tree, let's move on to the...


  • Jacob Elordi is Felix Catton, Oliver's new and dangerous friend
  • Richard E. Grant is Sir James Catton, the Catton patriarch
  • Rosamund Pike is Lady Elsbeth Catton, Saltburn's mistress
  • Alison Oliver as Venetia Catton, sister of Felix
  • Archie Madekwe as Farleigh Start, Venetia and Felix's cousin
  • But just because the folks above are related doesn't mean they're loyal. In fact, if the trailer's any indication, it might be the fact that they're related that makes them so treacherous.

    There go the goosebumps again.

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