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A Hello Kitty Cafe shop chain is coming to United States & Canada, thanks to Sanrio

Soon, you'll be able to get Hello Kitty themed food in more locations!

Photograph of Hello Kitty Cafe
Image credit: Sanrio

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If you've ever wanted to eat at a Hello Kitty Cafe but couldn't make it out to Irvine, Las Vegas, or the touring Hello Kitty Cafe truck, here's some great news for you. Sanrio has just announced that for Hello Kitty's 50th Anniversary Celebration, the company will be opening up several Hello Kitty Cafes across North America.

Unfortunately, they have yet to announce where or how many of these Cafes will open. But - if we go by what the three Hello Kitty Cafe locations have to offer, they'll likely offer cute selections of cookies, cakes, and seasonal items all with a Hello Kitty theme either on the food or in the presentation. Of course, there's plenty of Hello Kitty merchandise available for purchase too.

Photograph of food from Hello Kitty Cafe
Image credit: Sanrio

As of now, Irvine's Hello Kity Cafe location serves Afternoon Tea as well as cocktails, while the two Las Vegas locations are more focused on sweet treats and drinks a la carte. Perhaps the new cafes will follow these two routes or offer even more varied experiences for the Hello Kitty megafan.

Other 50th anniversary celebrations that Hello Kitty fans can expect are an art exhibit in Los Angeles, new limited edition commemorative products, and special appearances by Hello Kitty at "major sporting events." Perhaps the zodiac's dragon should move aside, as it certainly looks like 2024 is shaping up to be the year of the Cat.

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