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Saw X - Does the horror midquel have a mid-credits scene?

Don't miss out on the shocking reveal the director slipped into the credits.

Jigsaw's new eye game in Saw X
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For almost 20 years, the Saw franchise has been one of the biggest names in horror. With the tenth film, Saw X, hitting cinemas around the world, fans are once again glued to their seats as they watch what new and terrifying traps Jigsaw has unleashed on his victims. However, you might want to stay where you are a little bit longer if you want to see the mid-credits scene that Saw X has to offer.

Confusingly, Saw X is a midquel, taking place between the events of Saw and Saw II. It follows John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, as he discovers that the experimental cancer treatment he has just paid for is actually a scam. Without delving into too many spoilers, Kramer – once again played by Tobin Bell – unleashes his twisted brand of vengeance on those who have robbed him of both his money and hope for a cure to his disease.

Be warned that we'll be discussing plot spoilers for both the main plot of Saw X and the film's mid-credit scene.

Does Saw X have a mid-credits scene?

There are a couple of returning faces from previous entries in the franchise in Saw X, but you’ll have to wait until the credits roll to see the most obvious instance of fan-service the film offers. Sax X features a mid-credits scene that introduces a major character far earlier in the timeline than before.

Throughout the movie, we see Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) assisting Jigsaw with his devious traps. This is fitting with her role as his apprentice during these early films, but the mid-credits scene reveals that Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) has also been helping Kramer to exact revenge against the con artists who set him up. We first saw Hoffman as a police officer in Saw III, but it wasn’t until Saw IV that we found out he was also one of Jigsaw’s apprentices.

This twist has major implications for the timeline of the films, revealing that Hoffman was working with Kramer far earlier than fans previously thought. It is more than just fanservice, though – the reveal sets up Hoffman as a potential main villain of the franchise should a sequel to Saw X be announced.

Though the Saw franchise has been threatening to end ever since 2010’s Saw 3D, the mid-credits scene for Saw X hints that Jigsaw might have a few more stories to tell. It lays the foundation for yet another sequel to the popular horror franchise, though whether that film ever gets made will depend entirely on how well Saw X does at the box office.

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