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SDCC: Sleepy San Diego gets ready for a busy week

Downtown San Diego has a new coat of paint... well wrap, on a lot of familiar buildings.

Exterior photographs of downtown San Diego and the San Diego Convention Center
Image credit: Popverse (Illianna Gonzalez-Soto)

Anyone who has stumbled across Downtown San Diego a week or so before the annual San Diego Comic Con has seen the massive work that goes into "wrapping" much of the Gaslamp's (and of course the convention center's) tall glass buildings with TV and movie advertisements the size of Goliath.

Looking up at these buildings during the show certainly does make you feel a little like David, but what's even more incredible is watching the workers actually put the banners up (especially, if you're one to be scared of heights!).

As for what TV shows and movies are gracing the walls of downtown San Diego's prime advertiseing walls, the main ones we've seen so far include Good Omens, Yellowjackets, Wheel of Time, Good Burger, Fox Animation, The Boys, Star Trek, and Invincible.

Popverse's Illianna Gonzalez-Soto had a chance to make it downtown this weekend and snap some pretty amazing photos of the major transformation happening in San Diego. So, as we all begin to pack for our pilgrimage to the seaside town, check out these photos in the gallery below.

Popverse will be at San Diego Comic Con this year covering the news, conducting interviews, and giving you a snapshot of what it's like to be at SDCC 2023. Follow along with our San Diego Comic Con coverage here.