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The Romans and the Picts unite to fight an ancient horror in Shadows of Thule from Humanoids

A Roman general is on a quest for revenge, but his revenge may unleash an ancient horror on the North

Cropped cover of Shadows of Thule featuring a woman with her arms outstretched and an army holding swords
Image credit: Humanoids

Humanoids has just announced their newest project— Shadows of Thule, a fantasy horror graphic novel following a Roman general’s quest for revenge. Shadows of Thule comes from writer Patrick Mallet (Le Comte de Monte-Cristo d'Alexandre Dumas), artist Lionel Marty (Agence Interpol - Mexico), colorist Axel Gonzalbo (Le Céleste noir), and translator Montana Kane (Always Never, So Much for Love) and will be hitting shelves in hardcover format this coming August.

The official Humanoids blurb about the project reads:

"Scotland, 2nd Century AD. The Roman conquest has stopped south of Hadrian’s Wall; beyond it lies the land of the unconquered Gauls, and even further north, the wild hills of the Pictish people.

"When a Roman general loses his wife in a Pictish raid, a mysterious necromancer convinces him to awaken an ancient horror and unleash it on the North. In response, Cormak Mac Fianna, the last king of the Picts, unites his fractured tribes to fight the rising evil. But he soon finds that the power of his tribes is not enough to stop the terrifying Shadows of Thulé from destroying everything in their path.

"The only solution is to join forces with their enemies to fight the coming apocalypse but can the Picts, the Gauls, and the Romans set aside their differences long enough to save the world from the ancient evil threatening their existence?"

Check out an exclusive preview of the upcoming graphic novel in the gallery below.

Shadows of Thule will be available in an oversized deluxe format in bookstores on August 15, 2023 and in comic shops on August 16, 2023. The title will also be made available on digital platforms like ComiXology.

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