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Silver Surfer gets rural (and even more mysterious) in new Marvel story called Ghost Light by John Jennings and Valentine De Landro

Silver Surfer: Ghost Light will also debut a new Marvel hero the publisher says ties back to '60s Marvel history

Silver Surfer
Image credit: Marvel Comics

The enigmatic cosmic traveler of the Marvel spaceways will be finding his way to a backwater North American town called Sweetwater in a new series by scholar/comics creator John Jennings and artist Valentine De Landro.

Scheduled to debut February 2023, Silver Surfer: Ghost Light will see the gleaming superhero come into orbit with a seemingly average person point-of-view in the form of a new character named Toni Brooks - who will be moving her family into the "quiet town of Sweetwater" as the series begins.

"Toni Brooks and her family have moved into the quiet town of Sweetwater. But nothing is quite what it seems with their new home," reads the description by Marvel "What mystery did Toni and her family unravel that would call upon the Sentinel of the Spaceways—the Silver Surfer?! And just who or what is GHOST LIGHT?"

Given the rhetorical question Marvel is asking with that description, there is a surprise to be had. Marvel goes on to say Silver Surfer: Ghost Light will feature the debut of "a new Marvel superhero 54 years in the making!" Doing the math, that is either 1968 or 1969. From our research, Silver Surfer: Ghost Light writer John Jennings was born in 1970, so it could be something of him picking up the thread of a previous Marvel creative team's story and creating something new out of past stories - a common tradition on the world of superhero comics.

Marvel has not provided any art for Silver Surfer: Ghost Light as of press time, but in addition to De Landro's interior art we can look forward to a first-issue cover by Taurin Clarke.

Silver Surfer: Ghost Light #1 (of 5) goes on sale in February 2023.

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