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Smallville's Erica Durance on her favorite aspect of playing Lois Lane

"It's more fun to tell the origin part of the story."

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These days, fans have a generous amount of superhero television they can watch, but back in 2001, there wasn't that much to catch on the small screen. So it wasn't a surprised that Smallville, which focused on the younger versions of the classic DC characters like Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Lois Lane, exploring their lives before the big events of the comics, captivated audiences for a whopping 10 seasons.

During an appearance at this year's MCM Comic Con in London, Erica Durance, who appeared as Lois Lane in the original WB series, discussed the most interesting part of her experience playing the iconic DC character, which was getting to portray the character before she became the icon we recognized.

"It's more fun to tell the origin part of the story," explains Durance about her turn as Lois Lane. "The 'How do you find yourself?' I think that's relatable for everybody. I think that's what draws us as artists too, but you want to find out what it was that developed them into these other things."

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