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The Smurfs are going to the Olympics (and more) in 2024

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Smurfs Olympic Special
Image credit: Peyo (Mad Cave Studios/Papercutz)

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The 2024 Summer Olympics coming to Paris - so are the Smurfs. Born in the Franco-Belgium comics scene in the late 1950s, a long out-of-print Smurfs story titled The Smurfs Olympic Special is one of four major Smurfs graphic novels and one boxed set coming in 2024 from Papercutz, the all-ages line of Mad Cave Studios.

The Smurfs Olympic Special comes out June 26, reprinting a long-lost 1979 classic focused on the creation of the Smurf Olympics.

"Hefty Smurf loves to play sports, but he can't get the other Smurfs to play with him. His solution? Create the 'Smurf Olympics'!" reads Papercutz' description of the 32-page one-shot. "The Smurfs divide themselves into two teams, all competing for the grand prize: a kiss from the Smurfette. But when one Smurf is turned down by both teams, he decides to compete on his own, throwing the games into chaos! Can one Smurf take on the whole village? And can the Smurfs stop cheating and playing pranks on each other long enough for the games to actually take place?"

The following month, Papercutz will release Smurf Tales Volume 10: The Smurfs and the Half Genie, and Other Stories - an ideal companion to the all-new Smurfs cartoon on Nickelodeon.

"Hefty Smurf and Brainy Smurf discover an ancient amphora at the bottom of a pond. Upon opening it, they unleash a powerful genie. Unfortunately, the genie has lost his memory and does everything half-heartedly! The Smurfs will soon understand why…" reads Papercutz's description of the GN. "Other tales include another comedy adventure from Johan and Peewit and short stories showcasing the whole Smurfs Village."

In September, there's a new Smurf Tales Boxset, collecting the first three volumes of Smurf Tales. Stories in the set include 'The Smurfs and the Bratty Kid,' 'Smurfette in Charge,' 'The Village Behind the Wall,' 'The Betrayal of Smurfblossom,' and 'A Crow in Smurfy Grove.'

One month later, October sees the release of Smurfs Village Vol. 3 where Gargamel attempts to infiltrate the Smurfs using a crow that he's magically made able to speak.

"When Gargamel manages to grant the gift of speech to a crow, he hopes the bird will be his ticket that leads him to the village of the Smurfs. However, what unfolds will be something to crow about!" Reads Popverse's description. "When Gargamel’s new pet, endowed with the word, finds himself by chance in a mysterious new village, the events take an unexpected turn for our little blue friends."

And finally, in November, is The Smurf Tales Vol. 11 - a magical cooking story where Papa Smurf, Farmer Smurf, and Chef Smurf find a delicious new bean and make a meal for their fellow Smurfs that proves to be irressistable.

Here's a gallery of all the Smurfs 2024 covers:

This all comes in advance of The Smurfs Movie, hitting theaters February 14, 2025.

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