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Sonny Angels: What is this baby toy and why are they now SNL famous?

Dua Lipa has helped make Sonny Angels even more famous. But what are they?

There's famous, and then there's 'appeared on Saturday Night Live' famous.

On the most recent episode of NBC's SNL, the trendy new tiny doll series Sonny Angel gets brought into the mainstream thanks to a quirky and bi-curious skit from singer Dua Lipa and comedians Bowen Yang and Marcello Hernàndez. We won't go into the play-by-play of the skit, which you can see above, but we will help you understand what's going on - and where you can go from here.

What is a Sonny Angel?

Sonny Angels
Image credit: Dreams

Originally created in 2004 for the Japanese market, Sonny Angels are diminuitive dolls featuring a young cherub dressed primarily in imaginitive headgear and angel wings. While some do wear clothes, most are without pants and do display the rough approximation of male sexual organs. The name 'Sonny' comes from its creator, Toru Soeya - whose nickname is 'Sonny.'

Who is Sonny Angels target audience?

Although initially imagined as a toy for children, Sonny Angels have been widely embraced by those who were kids in back in 2004 when they were created but have now grown up. According to Dua Lipa's chracter in the SNL skit, "They're companions for lonely, 25-year-old working women." While its not exclusively for those of us who are lonely and/or working, they have been particularly embraced by younger women.

If you kiss a Sonny Angel, do you turn into a Sonny Angel?

Sonny Angel
Image credit: Saturday NIght Live

If you watched Dua Lipa's SNL sketch you might be worried (or excited) for this, but after conducting an internal scientific test I have determined you do not.

... or I'm somehow immune.

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