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Sony pulls Spider-Man spin-off movie El Muerto from its release schedule

The movie, to star Bad Bunny, was originally due in theaters January 2024

El Muerto/Bad Bunny
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Bad news for Sony’s burgeoning attempts to found a cinematic sub-universe of Spider-Man supporting characters and villains: the fifth movie in the franchise, El Muerto, has been removed from the schedule by the studio just seven months ahead of its intended release date.

Deadline reports that the movie, to be directed by Jonas Cuarón and starring Bad Bunny, has been pulled from its January 12, 2024 release with no new date announced. It will be replaced in that slot by The Book of Clarence, a Biblical-era epic starring LaKeith Stanfield, which had previously been scheduled for a September 22, 2023 release; that release date will now be claimed by Dumb Money, the Paul Dano vehicle about GameStop, which had been intended for an October 20, 2023 release.

Production has not even begun for El Muerto, which has previously been announced for an August 7 start date; it’s possible that the tight turnaround from the start of shooting through release — just five months — prompted the movie being pulled from the schedule. Alternately, it’s possible that shooting will also be delayed. Sony has yet to comment on the decision to remove the movie from its release schedule.

The next movie in Sony’s Spider sub-universe will be Kraven the Hunter, which released its trailer yesterday to much disappointment from fans. (We get it; we’re unimpressed, too.) That movie will be in theaters October 6 — unless Sony has plans to change that, as well.

Expect more information about El Muerto, and Sony’s Spider-universe movies, in the coming weeks.

Read up on El Muerto — both the movie and the obscure source material.

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