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Spawn creator Todd McFarlane explains it all on Enter the Popverse this week

Want to know how to think like the Image Comics founder?

Enter the Popverse episode 30
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As if the prospect of this week’s Enter the Popverse wasn’t exciting enough — it’s a return to live episodes after last week’s pre-recorded installment! — this week’s show features what might be the greatest Canadian pop culture team up since Alpha Flight got together back in the '80s, as host Ashley Victoria Robinson talks to none other than Image Comics founder, Spawn creator, and the man behind McFarlane Toys, Todd McFarlane.

Forget 'When Titans Clash' — this is 'When Titans Get Along Famously,' as the Todd holds court about his creative philosophy, why he’s never nervous, and the reason why he really doesn’t care about reviews. Think of it as hearing from the most unlikely life coach you’ll ever discover. (I’m specifically referring to Todd, but let’s be real; we’d all tune in for Ashley’s life coaching class as well, should she ever do one.)

As if that wasn’t enough, the episode will also feature unofficial EtP co-host (which is to say, recurring guest and person uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person like this) Graeme McMillan, as he and AVR discuss this week’s pop culture news and, almost certainly, whatever sidetrack one or both of us end up on despite our best efforts to stay focused. Will I regret making the Alpha Flight reference above…? Tune in and find out.

All of this will be part of Enter the Popverse Episode 30, which marks the official start to your weekend when it happens Friday, September 8, at 1PM Eastern or 10am Pacific. Watch on YouTube and comment along with the show, or bookmark this page and come back tomorrow to enjoy the embed.

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If you can’t wait, it’s best to distract yourself with the Enter the Popverse archive. Might I recommend Joanne Starer’s fun appearance a couple of weeks ago to get you started...?

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