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Spawn (and more!) are coming to Image Comics' horror title Killadelphia this November

Writer Rodney Barnes teased that a high-profile guest might stick around during this week's Enter the Popverse interview

Killadelpha #31
Image credit: Jason Shawn Alexander/Image Comics

As if being trapped in a city overrun by the undead — including certain former U.S. Presidents — and living at the center of a potential New American Revolution that is based around… well, vampires, isn’t enough, the residents of the city now known as Killadelphia have something new to deal with in upcoming issues of the Image Comics series, as Todd McFarlane’s Spawn is about to join the book.

“The great Toddfather, Todd McFarlane, was gracious enough to allow Spawn to visit Philadelphia — hopefully he has what it takes to make it out of Philadelphia,” teased writer and series co-creator Rodney Barnes about the upcoming new arc on this week’s episode of Enter the Popverse. Spawn isn’t the only guest star in the upcoming story arc, however: Savage Dragon and Blacula are both slated to show up, as well, with Barnes also noting that Erik Larsen and MGM were also both very gracious with their properties.

It should be noted that Blacula and Killadelphia already had a bond of sorts; the creative team of the Image Comics hit also adapted and expanded the original 1972 Blacula movie for a graphic novel earlier this year, with Barnes calling the project “a true labor of love.”

Talking to Ashley Victoria Robinson, Barnes teased the possibility that Blacula — who is, after all, a vampire — might not have exactly the same kind of guest-star status in Killadelphia — a book in part about vampires — as his more super heroic peers in the storyline. “The character has enough of a sociological [and] cultural connection to what we do with Killadelphia that I think he could have a sustained relationship with the book,” he teased.

Could Blacula become a recurring cast member of the series? That question will likely go unanswered for a few months yet, but the start of the answer will be available when Killadelphia returns for its 31st issue on November 15.

For the full interview with Rodney Barnes, which also includes him talking about the mythology of Killadelphia and what the events of the series do to the regular inhabitants of the city, as well as his working relationship with series artist Jason Shawn Alexander, click here, or watch the video below.

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