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Spider-Man at CinemaCon: Sony previews Across the Spider-Verse and introduces Kraven the Hunter

Aaron Taylor-Johnson told the Las Vegas crowd that the October release will be R-rated

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
Image credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Fans waiting for more information about just what Sony Pictures is planning for Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends… and foes… were rewarded during the Sony presentation at CinemaCon Monday, with the first 14 minutes of this summer’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse screened for attendees — as well as a special secret sneak preview of the Kraken the Hunter movie, too. (Yes, we’re jealous we weren’t there as well.)

According to reports, Across the Spider-Verse — set more than a year after the events of Into the Spider-Verse — opens with Miles being interrupted in his bedroom by a visiting Gwen Stacy, who lures him away from being grounded to tell him that multiple Spider-Men have been attempting to stop the collapse of reality for some time… before the two have what might be a romantic moment together, except for one problem. As Gwen points out, “In every other universe, Gwen Stacy falls for Spider-Man, and in every other universe, it doesn’t end well.”

Voice actors Shameik Moore, Issa Rae and Hailee Steinfeld and co-director Kemp Powers were on hand to talk about the footage at the Las Vegas event, which takes place annually to preview upcoming releases to theater owners from around the world. According to Moore, who voices Miles, his character “is still trying to figure out how to be a superhero,” and is discovering that “it’s how you wear the mask that really makes you a hero; the only person who understands is Gwen Stacy.” Issa Rae described her Spider-Woman as someone who “takes no prisoners; she’s not living a double life — this is not dress-up for her.”

Similarly filled with convictions is Kraven the Hunter, the star of the next standalone Spider-Man villain movie after 2018’s Venom and last year’s Morbius. Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson was there to introduce the first teaser for the movie, in the process revealing the movie’s rating: “Will it be rated R? Fuck yes, it’s going to be rated R,” he told the crowd; as such, it’ll be Sony’s first R-rated Spider-Man movie.

The teaser for the movie featured Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven attacking a group of mercenaries violently, including biting the nose off one of them — R-rating, remember? — intercut with scenes of others telling him what he is: his father, played by Russell Crowe, tells him that all people are predators; his brother, Chameleon (The White Lotus’ Fred Hechinger) calls him “another man hunting for a trophy,” while Calypso, played by Ariana DeBose, calls him a lunatic. Kraven and Chameleon aren’t the only classic Spider-villains in the movie; the Rhino appears in the teaser for a brief instant, as well.

Kraven the Hunter is scheduled for an October 6 release; you can see our schedule of upcoming superhero movie releases here.

CinemaCon continues throughout the week in Las Vegas. Keep your eyes on Popverse for future updates from the show.

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