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Venom is Spider-Man’s roommate, and it’s not going well

If you thought Venom gave Spider-Man trouble as a villain, wait until you see how he is as a roommate.

Venom is the worst roommate (art by Gurihiru)
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Spider-Man and Venom are roommates in Peter Parker & Miles Morales: Spider-Men Double Trouble, and the arrangement is a work in progress. It turns out that Venom can do more damage to Peter’s life as a roommate than he ever could as an enemy. Who knew?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Peter Parker & Miles Morales: Spider-Men Double Trouble#1

Since when are Venom and Spider-Man roommates?

Venoms steals Spider-Man's toast (art by Gurihiru)
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with Venom? It turns out it’s a pretty miserable experience. In Peter Parker & Miles Morales: Spider-Men Double Trouble #1, we see Spider-Man and Venom (both in full costume) arguing about the rules of their shared apartment. “Venom, we agreed that you would move out and if not, that you would cease any toxic experiments,” Spidey says. Venom simply lays down on the couch and replies, “Guess I don’t agree.” Exasperated, Spider-Man goes to the kitchen to eat his breakfast, only to have Venom snatch it from his hands.

Spider-Man then makes himself another plate, and tells Venom that he won’t be swiping this one. “We both know that’s not true Spider-Man,” Venom smugly replies. The tension is broken up by the arrival of Miles Morales (who is also in full costume). Miles tells Peter he heard Venom had gotten his own place, and Peter replies it hadn’t worked out.

We also learn that strange smells are coming from Venom’s room, but he’s a bit touchy if you ask him about them. We never get a full explanation for how Spider-Man and Venom became roommates, but this arrangement does build off of the limited series Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble. In that series, Venom crashed at Spider-Man’s place so the Webhead could keep an eye on him and help him become a hero. This seems to be why they’re rooming together, and why Venom is destroying every ounce of Peter’s patience.

Is Peter Parker & Miles Morales: Spider-Men Double Trouble in continuity?

Peter Parker & Miles Morales: Spider-Men Double Trouble #1 cover (art by Gurihiru)
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Peter Parker & Miles Morales: Spider-Men Double Trouble is a fun all-ages comic that takes place in its own continuity. The comic is the latest installment in a series of Double Trouble comics from writer Mariko Tamaki and the illustration team known as Gurihiru. The creative team previously collaborated on Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble and Thor & Loki: Double Trouble. For this series, Vita Ayala joins the fun as a co-writer.

The Double Trouble comics take place in their own world where storytelling is a bit more lighthearted. That’s why the heroes are wearing their costumes all the time, even when they’re alone in their apartments.

Venom’s bad manners were also a running joke in Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble. During the limited series, Venom tricked Spider-Man into swapping bodies so he could win an athletic gameshow. The fact that Peter still allowed Venom to be his roommate after that is a testament to his patience.

Spider-Man’s history of bad roommates

Michelle Gonzalez sells Peter Parker's clothes (art by Paul Azaceta)
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Venom isn’t the first roommate Spider-Man has had a problem with. When it comes to roommates, Peter Parker can’t seem to catch a break.

  • Peter Parker moved in with Harry Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man #46 (1966), and for a time the two were best friends. However, Harry came to believe that Spider-Man murdered his father Norman Osborn, and started acting erratic. Things got really uncomfortable when he discovered Peter was Spider-Man. The roommate arrangement ended in Amazing Spider-Man #136 (1974) when Harry blew up their apartment.
  • Peter let Felicia Hardy move in with him in Spectacular Spider-Man #123, unaware that she was working with the Foreigner to frame him for murder.
  • For a time Peter roomed with a lawyer named Michelle Gonzales. After a romantic encounter went wrong, Michelle came to despise Peter, and regularly sold or destroyed his possessions when he couldn’t pay his rent.
  • Johnny Storm, otherwise known as the Human Torch, roomed with Peter in FF #17 (2012), and it was the strongest test their friendship ever faced. Johnny got on Peter's every last nerve, throwing wild parties, interrupting important work presentations, and not respecting boundaries. Peter eventually snapped and kicked Johnny out of the apartment.
  • During Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man (2018) run Peter Parker roomed with Fred Myers, the supervillain known as Boomerang. Needless to say, that had its fair share of complications as well. Plus, Fred was just plain messy.

It seems that Venom is just the latest in a long line of problematic roommates. Is having Venom as a roommate worse than having him as an archenemy? Is there even a difference? Only Spider-Man knows for sure.

Peter Parker & Miles Morales: Spider-Men Double Trouble is on sale now.
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