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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse's Jessica Drew Spider-Woman is about to make her Marvel Comics debut

The motorcycle-riding Spider-Woman explodes into Edge of Spider-Verse #4, coming this May

Image credit: Sony

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Jessica Drew is heading to Marvel Comics.

It's a sentence that doesn't make much sense to regular readers (didn't she come from Marvel Comics?), so let me explain. See, the Jessica Drew we met in 2023's Across the Spider-Verse was radically different than the one created in 1977 by Archie Goodwin and Marie Severin. But this summer, the Spider-Woman of the film will join her pre-existing counterpart in the other Spider-Verse... the one for sale in comic stores.

Does that more sense now? Good.

Portrayed by Insecure writer, star, and creator Issa Rae, the cinematic Jessica Drew is a Black woman with a tendency toward motorcycle travel and web-shooting fingers. She worked as right hand to Miguel O'Hara, leader of the Spider-Society, in their quest to keep the Spider-Verse from collapsing. Drew was also pregnant, a trait she shared with her comic counterpart in a 2015 comic storyline.

The big-screen Jessica Drew comess to comics in this May's Edge of Spider-Verse #4, iin a story by Nilah Magruder and Marcus Williams. In a solicit released today, Marvel revealed that the creators will be "working with the filmmakers" to be crafting the tale.

What's more, the comic promises to show us "the true birth of the Spider-Society," though what that means is anyone's guess. Also unclear is when in Drew's personal history this will take place - has she already made the decision to become a mother? Does she understand the danger of interrupting canon events yet? We'll have to wait until the comic drops to find out.

Edge of Spider-Verse #4 is written by Nila Magruder and Alex Segura and drawn by Marcus Williams and Salvador Larroca. It hits comic shelves and digital platforms everywhere May 1, 2024. For now, you can check out the covers for Edge of Spider-Verse #4 below.

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