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Spy x Family's Megan Shipman and Natalie Van Sistine dish on that Anya punching Damian meme and more

Megan Shipman and Natalie Van Sistine discuss iconic moments from the hit anime series

A hot spy and a hot assassin adopt a child who can read their minds and knows exactly WHO and WHAT they are! This is how I explain the hit anime series Spy x Family, brought to you by WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks, to anyone thinking they may want to watch the series. Spy x Family is an incredibly entertaining show full of action and comedy, while also tugging on your heart strings, diving into themes such as found family. There's no denying the main characters all have such interesting back stories and quirks (no My Hero Academia pun intended) that make them compelling to watch. With the characters being so fun and expresive, I can only imagine what it's like bringing the voice of these characters to life. Luckily, the English dub cast of Spy x Family were happy to share their experience.

Popverse's Veronica Valencia caught up with the English dub cast of Spy x Family, Megan Shipman (voice of Anya) and Natalie Van Sistine (voice of Yor) to discuss the series iconic moments, like the Spy x Family castle episode, also playing a mother/daughter duo in Attack on Titan, working as a voice director and audio engineer, and their reaction to the famous Anya punching Damian scene that almost didn't happen!

"Which Chris, our director, lied to me, and he almost got me," says Shipman. "I was like, I'm so excited to punch Damian. I'm so excited! Cause it was so funny in the manga, and he really fooled me. He was like, yeah they didn't put it in the anime, they didn't do it."

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