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The developers of Star Ocean The Second Story - R were at MCM, and you can watch the panel here!

Yuichiro Kitao, Kei Komaki, and Yukihiro Kajimoto stopped over in London to ell us all about the remake of Star Ocean Story

Image credit: Square Enix

The remake of the wildly popular game Star Ocean: The Second Story is coming to your console soon, but not before it came to MCM in London.

Star Ocean The Second Story - R hosted a developer spotlight on Friday, October 27. Guests included development producer & director Yuichiro Kitao, producer Kei Komaki, and character designer Yukihiro Kajimoto, who did a live drawing as the panelists were on stage. No really, you can check for yourself. We recorded the whole thing.

Popverse filmed this and several other panels at MCM Comic Con, which you can watch afterwards on-demand by becoming a paid Popverse member or a MCM 2023 digital ticket holder.

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