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Star Wars: The Bad Batch will return in 2024 for a third and final season

The animated show's final season will see Hunter and Wrecker attempt to rescue Omega from the Empire

Bad Batch SWCE Panel
Image credit: Lucasfilm

At the Bad Batch panel at this year's Star Wars Celebration Europe, head writer Jennifer Corbett announced that the fan favorite animated series The Bad Batch will be returning for a third and final season.

The panel audience was also shown some panel-exclusive footage from season 3. Popverse staff writer Graeme McMillan was in the room and provided this description of the footage. In the footage, both Omega and Crosshair have been captured, with Omega seen being scanned by the Empire. Hunter is seen saying, “The kid is vital to whatever they’re doing on Tantiss.” The Emperor's voice also makes an auditory appearance in the footage, saying to an unknown someone - likely the nefarious Dr. Hemlock or Kaminoan scientist Nala Se, both of whom are briefly glimpsed, “Your brilliance is a great asset to this Empire.” Oh, and there's also appearances by Rex and, it seems, something that looks very much like a Sarlacc pit...!

The Bad Batch is an animated Star Wars series created by Dave Filoni. The series follows Clone Force 99, a group of elite troopers as they take on mercenary missions and brush up against the Empire post Order 66.

The final season of The Bad Batch will begin streaming in 2024 on Disney+.