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Who was Steve Ditko? His family will answer that question at NYCC 2023

The family of Steve Ditko step up to tell their truths about their iconic relative, and dispel what you think you know about the man

Image credit: The Steve Ditko family

Steve Ditko is one of comic's titans. As an artist and storyteller, he co-created Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Question - along with many of their ensemble casts of friends and foes. While his creations helped fuel superhero comics (and the ensuing superhero movie/tv/video game empires), Ditko himself preferred to remain private - letting the work speak for himself.

But now, Steve Ditko's family is stepping up to speak about him, with all of you, at New York Comic Con.

"Everyone should know that Steve Ditko was the co-creator of Spider-Man, creator of Doctor Strange and Mr. A and many, many more. But most people didn't know who he was, let alone know anything about him," reads the panel description. "So who was he as a person? Did he have a family? What kind of person was he? This panel, which includes surviving family members, will dispel those strange rumors and provide more information about Steve Ditko than you ever believed possible."

The panel, titled 'Who was Steve Ditko?', is scheduled to take place at NYCC 2023 on Saturday October 14, from 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM in room 406.2. Relatives of Steve Ditko including Mark S. Ditko and Joanna Ditko will be joined by comix creator Dean Haspiel and playwright Lenny Schwartz, who recently wrote and directed an biographical play about the man titled, fittingly, Ditko.

Popverse will be there, as I (Chris Arrant) will be moderating the 'Who was Steve Ditko?' panel - helping the family speak their truth about their uncle, cousin, and friend.

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