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The original version of Storm returning to Marvel Comics as part of Sins of Sinister event

Ororo of the Storm, as originally conceived by Dave Cockrum and Len Wein, returns this year to X-Men comics

Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants
Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

Everything old is new again.

As part of the upcoming 'Sins of Sinister' event in Marvel’s X-Men line, a classic fan-favorite character is making an unexpected comeback — or, rather, a classic version of a fan-favorite character. As can be seen on Lenil Francis Yu’s cover for Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #3, the original version of Storm — as designed by Dave Cockrum for 1975’s Giant-Size X-Men #1 — is making a surprise comeback, one thousand years into the future.

There’s more to it than just a costume change, though; according to sources inside Marvel, this is actually a return to the classic Storm persona as well as aesthetic… meaning that this will be the somewhat naive, somewhat imperious African Goddess incarnation of the character that Professor Xavier discovered almost half a century ago showing up for the final issue of the event mini. But how? Time travel? Cloning? Something altogether unexpected? After all, it is an Al Ewing-written comic. (Art for this issue comes from Alessandro Vitti.)

The publisher’s official description of the issue runs like this: “One thousand years in the future, the Empire of the Red Diamond has located Fortress Arakko – the burning Last Castle at the heart of the Storm System! The only hope for the universe lies in bringing a long-lost legend back to life… Ororo of the Storm returns to the Sinister Age for the final battle!”

Look below for a full version of the cover, alongside the covers to the two earlier issues in the series, which feature alternate Ororos — including one that looks not unlike Professor Xavier, curiously enough.

Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #3 (of 3) will be released April 12.

If you want to know more about Sins of Sinister, check out the announcement information from NYCC 2022.

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