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Superman: Henry Cavill, Christopher Reeve, and Brandon Routh cosplay outfits are here to save the day

These cosplayers portray DC Comics's flagship hero brilliantly!

Superman Cosplays
Image credit: Cosplay Central

Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes in pop culture. Since his debut in Action Comics #1 in 1938, many people have looked to the Man of Steel as one of the original superheroes. From his comics, to Christopher Reeve donning the red cape, and to the 21st Century with Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh, the character of Superman has reached international fame. It’s no wonder that so many people want to cosplay him around the world. Here are 10 Superman cosplayers who have certainly created the embodiment of the Son of Krypton.

10. the_man_of_silva

Courtesy Instagram | Image credit: Courtesy Instagram

Once news broke out that the Snyder Cut would be released, everyone has been eager to see the black suit worn by Henry Cavill. Cosplayer the_man_of_silva created the Superman cosplay that many of us have been wanting to see. The longer hair is a nice touch to the cosplay, seeing that he has been regenerated. The added texture to the suit is also a great touch, seeing how it shines in light similar to Henry Cavill’s suit.

9. djpcostuming

Courtesy Instagram | Image credit: Courtesy Instagram

One can never go wrong with the classic Christopher Reeve suit. Djpcostuming does a great job at recreating the iconic look from the 1970s’ movie. The suit is complete with the signature S, the gold belt, red cape, and red trunks. He even sports the curl in the hair at the top!

8. dynamitewebber

Dynamite Webber
Courtesy Facebook - Photography by Jason LaboyImage credit: Courtesy Facebook

DynamiteWebber is usually known for his incredible Nightwing cosplays, but he also makes a great Superman! The cosplay was hand puff-painted, and he used airbrush techniques on the S to create an interesting 3D effect. It’s also a great Superman design overall with the New 52 look!

7. Rynocosplay

Courtesy Instagram - Photography by Dustin ValkemaImage credit: Courtesy Instagram

Superman made his TV debut in the Supergirl series with Tyler Hoechlin starring as the Man of Steel. Rynocosplay created his own Superman cosplay from the show, and it’s definitely like the show. The pose and intensity in this photo makes him look ready to clash with Lex Luthor!

6. xmanofsteelx

Courtesy Facebook | Image credit: Courtesy Facebook

If you haven’t yet heard of cosplayer xmanofsteelx, then you’ve been missing out on great Superman content. His cosplay comprises of two suits, one with muscle detailing and shading, and the main suit that includes all the incredible details. Not only has he done the Henry Cavill look, but also several other Superman suits. He also does commissions for other cosplayers who want to be Superman as well!

5. keithkelleytv

Keith Kelley TV Superman
Courtesy Instagram - Photography by Wayne Westphalen PhotographyImage credit: Courtesy Instagram

We highlighted KeithKelleyTV also for his incredible Killmonger cosplay, but his Superman suit was also so superb that we had to add him to our Superman list! The black suit appears to have puff-painting to create the details, with a silver S to match the rest of the outfit. Plus, the pose and determined look are spot on!

4. bryanknguyen

Bryan K Nguyen
Courtesy Tumblr | Image credit: Courtesy Tumblr

The moment we saw Bryan K. Nguyen, we thought that he was wearing the exact same suit as Henry Cavill’s from the movie. The suit is almost an exact cosplay as the one used in The Man of Steel, complete with muscle textures, urethane casted trim, and an overall sleek look. Plus, he got to meet Superman himself while wearing it. How cool is that!?

3. cosplaykey

Courtesy Instagram - Photography by CGrandeMediaImage credit: Courtesy Instagram

Cosplaykey created an armored Superman look that honestly we want to see in a comic or on the big screen. The foam work is not only impressive, but we love how he added the signature emblem to both the belt and chest. Plus, all of the colors used throughout the armor are perfect for Superman. It also looks like some of the detailing are Kryptonian symbols. We love this!

2. cosplay_chris

Cosplay Chris
Courtesy YouTube | Image credit: Courtesy YouTube

Cosplay_chris put together such a beautiful hybrid Superman suit that we wanted to highlight it on our list. The emblem and belt are completely pristine and look like something that would be used for an actual suit used in a movie or show. The cape clips were also inspired by Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman suit in the CW. He even goes into a full video about the breakdown and details for the suit!

1. jonathanbelle

Jonathan Belle
Courtesy Instagram | Image credit: Courtesy Instagram

Cosplayer Jonathan Belle is one of our favorite Superman cosplayers. Not only does he have a great Superman suit, but he embodies Kal-El in such an incredible way. He has become an inspiration to people who are wanting to be creative and to give hope to others. His photos are also absolutely stunning and create an immense beauty with the surrounding Pacific Northwest (where he currently travels around taking his photos). He truly is the embodiment of Superman and we love how he continues to give hope to others.