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How to reinvent Superman (and Lex Luthor) for the next generation of readers, according to Brendan Reichs

“Everything you write you're really putting yourself into the characters,” Reichs says

Clark & Lex
Image credit: Jerry Gaylord (DC)

If you have a young reader in your household who loves Strange Things then there's a good chance they've dived into The Darkdeep. The series is a New York Times Best Seller and not even the only young reader prose offering from author Brendan Reichs to reach such heights. With the recent surge of popular prose writers breaking into the world of comic books it's almost an intevitability The Virals series scribe would pen a graphic novel. Teaming up with artistic duo Jerry and Penelope Gaylord Reichs did just that earlier this year with the July release of DC Kids' Clark & Lex.

Popverse’s Ashley V. Robinson caught up virtually with Brendan Reichs on a recent episode of Enter the Popverse to ask about the differences between creating a world in prose versus comic books and how a contemporary writer tackles the task of reinventing the wheel on Clark Kent and Lex Luthor for a fresh new generation of readers.

“Everything you write you're really putting yourself into the characters,” Reichs tells Popverse about how he approach writing Pa and Clark Kent. “and into the story. I mean that's kind of the secret. If you write something but it doesn't have a lot of emotional arc to it or a lot of character development what you get is something that might be entertaining, but is quickly forgotten. It's the books where you can sort of identify with the growth that resonate and stay with you that you recommend to others because there's something in there - either consciously or unconsciously - you're identifying with.”

Watch our full 17-minute interview with Brendan Reichs.

Clark & Lex is on sale now.

Ashley V. Robinson

Ashley V. Robinson: Ashley Victoria Robinson is a Canadian hobbit now living in the United States. She is a Popverse Video Producer. You may know her as the host of the Geek History Lesson podcast (alongside Jason Inman), and was even the face of Twitter marketing for podcasters.


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