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This March, Superman gets Lost in a new ten-issue miniseries

The new standalone series Superman: Lost comes from Deathstroke creative team of Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan

Superman Lost
Image credit: DC

As anyone familiar with the comic book adventures of DC’s Superman knows all too well, there’s almost nothing the Man of Steel can’t do if he tries hard enough. A new ten-issue miniseries launching next Spring has just one question: what if he can’t do it fast enough?

From the creative team of Christopher Priest and Carlo Pagulayan — a pairing that created the acclaimed DCU Rebirth Deathstroke series — Lost tells the story of what happens when, due a mishap on a regular Justice League mission, Superman disappears. He reappears after what seems to be moments later to those around him, but from his point of view, 20 years have passed. What happened to him while he was gone? And how will it impact his relationship with Lois Lane?

(Having read the first three issues of the series, I can happily report: this is very much a Lois and Clark story, as much as it’s one about the mystery of what happened to Superman during those missing two decades)

“Superman: Lost has been several years in the making and it’s been incredibly difficult for me to keep quiet about this,” writer Christopher Priest said in a statement about the project. “I am absolutely delighted to be reunited with my Deathstroke team as we explore the emotional toll a tragic loss exacts. A man of steel, from an alien species, is ultimately the most human among us. And finding his way home is only the beginning.”

Although Superman: Lost will run monthly starting in March, it stands separate from the regular Superman titles — Action Comics, Superman, and Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent — and takes place outside regular continuity. As such, it’s a stand-alone Superman story intended, according to the publisher, to be part of the celebrations for the 85th anniversary of Superman’s debut in Action Comics #1, which was published in April 1938. The regular Superman books are also planning some big moves, including the restoration of the hero’s secret identity.

The first issue of the series, with inks and colors from Jason Paz and Jeromy Cox respectively, will feature cover artwork from Pagulayan, Paz and Elmer Santos, and variant covers from Joe Quesada and Lee Weeks, as well as a variant by Pagulayan and Paz themselves. You can see the main cover in the gallery below, alongside Lee Weeks’ variant, and preview art from the issue.

Superman: Lost #1 (of 10) will be released March 14, 2023.

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