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Superman cosplayers react to James Gunn's Superman chest symbol reveal

Watch the reactions and insights in this super-fun video captured by Popverse's Ashley Victoria Robinson!

Image credit: James Gunn, Instagram

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"It means hope."

Superman is one of our oldest superheroes. He is a bastion of American myth and legend and James Gunn is currently reinventing him for a new generation of comic book movie fans. At Emerald City Comic Con this weekend I saw a plethora of cosplayers repping characters from across the Superman Family. What better way to celebrate their love of the character and ours in the Popverse than asking Clark Kent, Supergirl, Superboy, AND A MYSTERY FRIEND for their initial reactions to Gunn's new "S" shield?

Watch this video and join us in the excitement as these dedicated cosplayers, who personify the heroic spirit of Superman, share their opinions on this fresh take on the logo. It's a lively and enlightening discussion that any comic book fan won't want to miss!

As with any great piece of art (and if you don't think comic books and superheroes are art what are you even doing here?), reactions varied from person to person stirring up as much discussion in person as we've seen in recent days online.

Together, we'll celebrate the legacy of the Man of Steel and dive into the ever-evolving world of comics. Up, up, and away!:

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