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Superman: Space Age's Mark Russell delves into the DC hero as "the voice of sincerity and honesty about what the world needs from him"

What the world needs now is more people like Superman. Mark Russell and Mike Allred give us that in Superman: Space Age

Mark Russell and Ashley V. Robinson
Image credit: Popverse

Superman has always been the big blue boy scout of DC Comics and writer Mark Russell is known for taking characters and turning them on their head. When DC announced he would be taking on the Last Son of Krypton in Superman: Space Age there was a lot of chatter about what his take on the original superhero set in the ''60s might be.

Including when Popverse's Ashley V. Robinson caught up with the Superman: Space Age writer at Comic-Con International: San Diego just a week ahead of the release of the first issue.

"I wanted to be as sincere and straightforward as possible,” Russell tells Popverse. "And make that voice Superman’s voice. Superman is ultimately the voice of sincerity and honesty about what the world needs from him."

Here is our full 7-minute interview with Mark Russell on Superman: Space Age.

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If you can't get enough, here is a full text interview with Mark Russell about Superman: Space Age with Mike Allred.

Superman: Space Age #2 (of 3) goes on sale on September 27. A collection of all three issues is scheduled for release May 2, 2023.

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