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Rare Superman: The Movie storyboards to go on display this weekend (and we have pictures!)

Superman: The Movie storyboards featuring a young Kal-El and his Kryptonian parents to go on display

Superman: The Movie
Image credit: Warner Bros.

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The best superhero movies started out as great comics. And to make those movies, the film-makers often make storyboards (which kind of look like a hybrid of comics and film) to lay out what they're planning on filming. Now, rare storyboards from Warner Bros.'s classic Superman: The Movie are going to be on display this weekend in San Francisco.

If you can't make it (trust me, we've been there), we've been provided high-resolution photos of some of the storyboards courtsey of Peter Harrington Rare Books.

Peter Harrington Rare Books will be showing off these Superman: The Movie preparatory drawings at this weekend's California International Antiquarian Book Fair at the Embarcadero from February 9 through 11.

The storyboards on display will be for the Krypton scene early in the movie in which Marlon Brando and Susannah York, playing Superman's parents, send the infant to Earth.

For those who are curious as to the size of these storyboards, these 17 pages measure roughly 8" by 11.8". They come from the collection of George Locke.

And if you're asking, they are valued at £25,000 (that's roughly $31,500 USD).

Christopher Reeve documentary Super/Man coming from Warner Bros. Discovery, but release plans are unclear.

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