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Take an inside look at the TCM Warner Bros Classic Films Studio Tour

Here's what we saw on the brand-new Classic Films Studio Tour

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TCM and Warner Bros Studio Tour have collaborated on a brand new tour focusing on classic film. We at Popverse got the fun opportunity to head over to the tour for its opening day (and you can read our thoughts here), but we also wanted to give readers the chance to take a look at what to expect on the tour before they book their tickets.

The Classic Films tour is an hour and a half long and takes visitors through the gates of the Warner Bros Studios to classic sites on the lot including the outside of James Dean's apartment, the garden where Errol Flynn played tennis, and the exterior of many, many sound stages where classics like Casablanca and Streetcar Named Desire were filmed.

Classic movie fans will also be able to see some famous props up close (like The Maltese Falcon) and costumes from My Fair Lady, Casablanca, and more. Check out our video about the tour below.

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You can book tickets for the TCM Classic Films Tour now.

TCM and Warner Bros Studio Tour's new tour highlights My Fair Lady costumes, James Dean apartment, and more