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What's next for Tenoch Huerta? The Marvel Studios star has two "dream projects" in mind

Namor himself, Tenoch Huerta, was at C2E2 2023, where he shared ideas for what he'd love to work on next.

Veronica Valencia and Tenoch Huerta at C2E2 2023
Image credit: ReedPop

Of the many questions asked at the Tenoch Huerta spotlight panel at C2E2, the one that came up the most was, “what’s next?” For Namor, Huerta’s breakout character from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the actor had little to confirm.

“All the information I receive about my character comes from memes,” he says. “I’m waiting for the crossover with The Little Mermaid or SpongeBob.”

But when it came to other endeavors, Huerta was very open about hopes he has about his future career. In particular, there were two “dream projects” that stood out.

Throughout the course of the entire panel, Huerta made it clear that one of his many goals moving forwards was to tell and provide for more Mexican stories in mainstream movies. The actor touched on the production company he’s working on, the purpose of which would be to do exactly that. On this subject, the first dream project Huerta spoke about was a trilogy of films focusing on Mesoamerican history.

"I want to create a trilogy about the Mesoamerican cultures in [their prime]," says the actor.

What the details of that trilogy would be Huerta did not say, but one can assume it would incorporate the Mayan history so important to Huerta’s role as Namor. At multiple times during the panel, Huerta spoke about learning the Mayan language and attempting to change the misconception that the Mayan culture died out centuries ago.

”They are living today,” says the actor.

And as for that second dream project? Well, Huerta didn’t go into a lot of details for that one either, but judging by the massive smile on his face, he felt it had a lot of possibility.

”And a Star Wars!” he said.

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