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Eat with Popverse at The Bear's Mr Beef in Chicago

Popverse's Ashley Victoria Robinson brings you along with her to eat an original Italian Beef Sandwich

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Rolling into new cities for a convention (from comic books ttrpgs!), is one of the coolest things we get to do as members of Team Popverse. The locations that host conventions across the globe each have their own unique personality, quirks, and attractions the same way each member of our team - and the larger Popverse community! - does! Getting a chance to explore a city outside of the convention centre isn't always the easiest thing to manage, but when we do get to be denizens of the world instead of just denizens of the Popverse we often beeline to pop culture staples - like Mr. Beef!

If you've kicked around the Popverse long enough you may have recognized our shared affinity for The Bear. Carmy and Cousin's restaurant is based on the aforementioned Chicago, Illinois staple, Mr. Beef. Specifically Mr. Beef on Orleans if you are already in Google Maps or ridesharing app planning your own visit to this hallowed ground! By their own description Mr. Beef offers "No-frills spot supplying classic Chicago eats like Italian beef sandwiches" - and the cozy eatery offers just that!

Recently, I had the opportunity to plan my own pilgrammage when I was in town for MagicCon: Chicago. I admit, I was very nervous shooting this video! If you've watched The Bear you may not have expected the warmest of welcome for a silly woman from California who spent more than a little bit of time taking selfies out front at 10am on the dot the second you unlocked the front door. I couldn't be more pleased to report everyone working (and also patronizing!), Mr. Beef was friendly, lovely, helpful, prompt, and did not for one second make fun of me for traipsing about and filming myself eating French Fries. The original Italian Beef Sandwich? Life changing. The fries? Perfection. The atmosphere? Magical. All of the best qualities of a Mom & Pop Sandwich Shoppe we see the characters in The Bear fighting to protect even as the characters' sensibilities evolve were very much on display.

This video is a fun invitation for you to come with me to a Chicago staple which has gone on to inspire the world of art and television. Catch a glimpse at what is familiar and what is different from your favourite episodes of The Bear, (and maybe recognize a place in your own life capable of bringing this much joy to you.) from a detailed menu (plan your order now!), to press coverage of Mr. Beef and the show which skyrocketed it to international acclaim. Plus, cameos from unexpected pop culture geeky icons I was thrilled to share such a cool space with!

Thanks for joining me at the long, long, long shared table in Mr. Beef's dining room. I would love to share more pop culture food aventures with you in future! If you are coming to this year's C2E2 at the end of April maybe we'll share a sandwich when I make my return voyage to Mr. Beef!

Watch the Come with Me to Mr. Beef from MagicCon: Chicago video below:

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