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The Crown's final season gets not one, but two release dates (and a trailer!)

Imelda Staunton is ready to tell the final chapter in Elizabeth II's story

The Crown Season 6
Image credit: Netflix

Long live the Queen… for 10 more episodes, at least. Netflix has finally announced release dates for the sixth and final season of its recreation of real world royalty, The Crown — but the season will be split into two parts, following a similar plan for recent seasons of shows like The Witcher and Stranger Things on the service.

Notably, the final season won’t go all the way up until this year’s death of Queen Elizabeth II; instead, Imelda Staunton — who inherited the role from Claire Foy and Olivia Coleman — will be playing the monarch for a time period covering 1997 through 2005, which was certainly a tumultuous time in the British monarchy, including both the death of Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) and Princess Charles’ second marriage, to Camilla Parker Bowles.

(As someone living in the UK during the death of Diana and the immediate aftermath, I am hoping that the show manages to capture how very strange the mood of the nation was at that time; it’s almost impossible to explain to anyone who wasn’t there.)

As revealed in a teaser for the final season, new episodes of the show will debut on November 16, when the first four episodes will drop simultaneously, with six more (and final) episodes being added on December 14. That teaser also suggests a theme for the final season, as Elizabeth hints at the personal cost that her position — and the duties it requires — have cost her. (If you're looking to keep track of more upcoming TV dates, we've got you.)

Watch the teaser below, and prepare for the end of ol’ Liz’s televisual reign when The Crown returns.

Another Netflix series might be adding Jamie Lee Curtis for its next season.

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