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The Crown season six part 2 release date: when will The Crown's final season come to an end?

See how the shockwaves from Diana's death impact the rest of the Royal Family.

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When The Crown first aired in 2016, we knew that it would eventually reach its conclusion. As the show jumped through the tumultuous history of the British Royal Family, it rapidly approached the life and death of Princess Diana. The first half of the show’s sixth – and final – season was released on 16 November, with the final four episodes due out a few weeks later.

The Crown season six’s second half will be released on Netflix on 14 December. Part one ended with the death of Princess Diana, which was a defining moment both for the monarchy and for the British public.

We expect the final four episodes of The Crown to focus heavily on the fallout from Diana’s death and its impact on Prince William. It should also cover events like Charles’ marriage to Camilla and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002. However, The Crown will likely cast these events with the specter of Diana looming over them in a way that it didn’t in reality.

The difficulty for the producers this season has been that so many of these events occurred within the living memory of the public. Certainly in the UK, people will recall Diana’s death and the subsequent royal wedding less than a decade later. This leaves less room for dramatic interpretation than earlier seasons, which took place several decades earlier.

We’ll find out how far Netflix’s The Crown deviates from reality when part two of season six releases on Netflix on 14 December.

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