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The first teaser for The Peripheral asks what is reality, anyway?

The Prime Video series based on William Gibson's book will debut next month

The Peripheral
Image credit: Prime Video

The first teaser for Amazon Prime’s The Peripheral has dropped, asking two questions simultaneously: 'What is real, and what is a game?' and, perhaps more thrillingly at this point, 'What does a collaboration between the producers of HBO’s Westworld and visionary sci-fi author William Gibson (the writer widely credited with creating the cyberpunk genre as most know it) look like?'

The new streaming series is an adaptation of Gibson’s acclaimed 2014 novel about a woman who witnesses a murder in what she believes is a virtual world… except the truth turns out to be something far more complicated.

The novel, Gibson’s thirteenth, saw Gibson return to science fiction for the first time since 1999’s All Tomorrow’s Parties, albeit in a very different style of science fiction than the one he was best known for. (To say more would be to spoil a significant element of the story.)

Chloe Grace Moretz leads the cast in the series, alongside Gary Carr and Jack Reynor. The show is being overseen by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, co-creators of Westworld, as part of their overall deal with Amazon Studios, with Scott Smith — the writer behind indie thrillers A Simple Plan and The Ruins — serving as showrunner and lead writer.

The Peripheral debuts soon on Prime Video October 21. Watch the trailer now below.

It's true-- William Gibson might have created cyberpunk, but did he put Spider-Man into a future world inspired by the genre? Sadly not, but thankfully Spider-Man 2099 exists nonetheless.

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