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The most famous, the most infamous, and most forgotten of all of Marvel's Spider-Man costumes

Spider-Man has had some amazing costumes in his crime-fighting career - and some not-so-amazing costumes, too

Amazing Spider-Man #692 cover
Image credit: Humberto Ramos (Marvel Comics)

Peter Parker was never a fashion icon, but he's had more costumes than Cher from Clueless had outfits in her closet - even on the best of days. Between iterations of his classic original duds to numerous event-based upgrades (like a certain black one-piece number!) and even the variety of mind-bending ones from Peter Parker variants across the Marvel multiverse, Spider-Man is a bit of a clothes horse - and now, we're judging it all.

This is the latest topic in Popverse's new weekly series Famous, Infamous, and Forgotten - a vigorous, opinionated, and intense look at one specific corner in the pop culture realm we inhabit to pick out the most famous version of it all, the most infamous version of it all, and the most forgotten version of it all.

And now, into Spider-Man's wardrobe closet:

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