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The Owl House season 3 almost revealed Hooty's "nonsensical" origin

We almost got Hooty backstory, though series creator Dana Terrace is skeptical about how the storyline might have been received.

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The Owl House series creator Dana Terrace says the original plan for the show's third season included an additional story for the character Hooty. However, she isn't sure whether or not the storyline would have been "good for the show" had it come to fruition.

Terrace discussed this discarded Owl House storyline during a panel at last year's New York Comic Con. Originally, the third season of The Owl House was intended to include additional episodes. These would have included a story that explored the origins of Hooty, the small house demon who is attached to the Owl House's front door.

"There was a nonsensical storyline and arc for Hooty that we never got to do, that kind of showed his true origin," said Terrace.

Ultimately, a subtle reference to the storyline did make it into The Owl House season 3. "We do end up hinting at it in the finale, so just look out for it," revealed Terrace. And there is at least one person who guessed Hooty's origins for themselves. "There is one single person in all of the internet who predicted it perfectly," conceded Terrace.

Nevertheless, Terrace is unsure how the unproduced episode would have been received. "That would have been a fun episode to explore," Terrace said. "And maybe people would have hated it. But I would have had a good time."

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