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The Penguin: Max releases 2024 sizzle real with new footage

If bad guys are your thing, Max might be the place for you next year

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It's turning to winter outside our windows, the season for warm winter coats, reindeer decorations and, accoring to HBO, a penguin or two.

Today, HBO's streaming platform Max released a sizzle reel teasing all of the exciting television they've got on the way for 2024. Notable shows teased were the Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon, the second season of video game adaptation The Last of Us, and most importantly to comic fans, DC's The Penguin.

Colin Farrell will star as the titular Osawald Cobblepot in a series that serves as a spinoff of the 2022 Matt Reeves-directed The Batman movie. In the teaser released by Max, we got a little snippet of what Farrell is bringing to the show, and it's a far cry from trick umbrellas and rubber duck boats.

The clip opens with Cobblepot igniting a lighter, followed by shots of a devestated Gotham City. "The world ain't built for guys like us," he says in a voiceover, as he and another person appear to be in the process of disposing of a body. "You ain't seen what I can do."

Well, we're pretty excited to see exactly what The Penguin can do, although it can't be a good thing for the citizens of Gotham City. And speaking of ominous tidings, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Max's 2024 teaser also contains the first footage of the Stephen King It prequel, Welcome to Derry.

There's not much to the clip, save for shots of an undead hand grasping at a child victim and a red balloon caught in tree, accompanied by a sinister giggle. Combined with the dire atmosphere of The Penguin, Pennywise's appearance makes Max's 2024 sizzler just as chilling as the temperature outside.

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The Penguin is reportedly set for release in the fall of 2024.

Want to know more about The Batman's spinoff? Here's everything we know about the Penguin.

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