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Drinks, dungeons, dragons and delights await you at Emerald City Comic Con's The Tavern in Seattle

A thematic lounge with everything, including adult drinks

ECCC The Tavern
Image credit: ReedPop

What is the best thing about cons? For some it's the guests, for others its the shopping, but for all of us its the community. It's with that in mind that ReedPop is debuting an all new thematic lounge at Emerald City Comic Con 2024 called the Tavern.

ECCC The Tavern
Image credit: ReedPop

"I’m excited to introduce everyone to The Tavern, our new show feature taking over Summit Level 3 that fully blends tabletop gaming, workshops, and community meetups with what we love best about any great D&D game – hanging out with each other and forcing our DM to make up something cool when we roll a Nat 20 somewhere they’d planned for us to ignore/breeze right by," says ReedPop VP of Comic Events Kristina Rogers.

The Tavern will be open all four days of ECCC 2024, with branded areas for panels at the Dabbling Dragon, gaming and drinks at the Kraken's Keep, and food at the Pickled Pixie.

"Drinks, dungeons, dragons and delights await you, along with a workshop on how to craft Pixies (no Moonlanterns, we’re on our Good run here)," Rogers continues. "We hope you have a great time hanging out in this space, and we’re looking forward to expanding on this over the next few years.


Emerald City Comic Con takes place February 29 - March 3, 2024 at the Seattle Convention Center.

Can't make it to Emerald City Comic Con? We're livestreaming all the big ECCC 2024 panels here all weekend.

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The Pacific Northwest's four-day pop culture extravaganza.

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